Full Service Packages
Complete Tune-Up
Clean entire bike, true wheels, Clean/Adjust derailleurs, brakes, headset, Check bolts and pivots, Lubricate drivetrain, Set proper tire pressure
Complete Overhaul
Tune-Up and disassemble, reassemble and lube front AND rear hubs, crank and headset
Wheel Tru $20/ea
Clean/Polish $30
Tune-up Overhaul
Bottom Bracket Hub $18 $40
Headset $18 $40
Chain $15
Cable & Housing $15
Tire & Tube $15
Computer $15
Lights $15
New Bike Assembly $60
Recumbent/Trike Assembly $90
Boxing for Shipping $80

Rudy's Re:Cycle Shop

49 S Peru Street
 Cicero IN 46034
Tue-Fri 9:30am - 1:30pm
Rudy's Re:Cycle Shop

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